This post is all about bragging. Just look, and you’ll see why. I cannot even begin to express just how happy I am with what I’ve done so far. Memory wire really is the shit when it comes to bracelets.

About two weeks ago, I tried memory wire for the first time.

I am sold.

Bloody hell, this is the coolest thing I ever used for bracelets. I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before. It really is soooooo cool.

What you see above are my own bracelets (more to come!). I made them from beads that I really like, and with the goal to colour match them. I wear several on each arm, and since I am so peculiar with colour, I wanted them to match. As you can see, most of them work together really well.

The green ones work very well with the browns and the (only, so far) blue one, and obviously, also the black ones.

The blue one work with every colour.

The red and pink ones work well together (except one), and with the blue and black ones.

It is ever so handy to know what colour suits you, which for me personally are the colours I like (well, I do like other colours too, but they’re not for me to wear).

I’ve made both necklaces and bracelets for friends of mine. Some of them already live with their new people, but I’ll photograph the ones that I still have at home.

I cannot even begin to tell you just how happy I am with these. They are ridiculously cool, and very much my style. I tend to go for things less cute and a little bit edgy.

Oh, and worth mentioning (at least for me) is that when I use colour (I dress almost exclusively in black), I do it with a purpose. Partly, I use colours that suit me. Partly, I use colours that doesn’t suit me quite as well – but represent things that I want present in my life.

I have a few bracelets for sale, as well. I’ll put them up in couple of days, if you’re interested in having one (or several) of your own.

At the moment, this is what fills my heart with joy. I am soooo excited to have all these pretty things in my possession.

And I am equally happy with seeing my work on other people. I love it when people wear the pieces I make.


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