These are from my personal, private collection of necklaces that I’ve made. Jewelry such as these are not for everyone. I know very few people who could pull these off – but those that do, would look amazing in any of these.

I had a couple of other necklaces with these black, metal-looking pieces. I liked them – I even loved them. But I wanted something else, so I took them apart.

And this is what came from the process.

Do I need to adress the fact that I am so extremely pleased with the result? I am drooling over these, and I am not exaggerating. 😀

Unfortunately for everyone else, these are the only ones that will ever exist. The black metal-looking parts are perhaps not expensive per se, but delivering them from the other side of the world is – so I’m not likely to buy more of them.

And no. It won’t matter how many times you ask, I’m not selling any of these – not even for a million dollars (or, thinking about it, perhaps I would).

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